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Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, Andy Law of St. Luke’s and Anita Roddick of The Body Shop. A few of the big names participating in championing a network for artists to somehow shake the nasty confines of modern commerce with a venture that is aptly called Artist Network. Described as a “big messy idea” on Roddick’s weblog, its vision is to put genuine artists at the forefront of a new social movement which changes and challenges current mass produced and meaningless product by changing and challenging the DNA of the entertainment business. To bring the ideals of fair trade to the entertainment industry:

“[A]n ever-shorter list of media corporations controls an ever-broader swath of the music, film, and television industries. These corporations have institutionalized culture so pervasively that we’re left with movies based on television shows, television shows based on mass-marketed toys, and prefabricated music acts assembled by record labels. Any good, successful idea is cloned and mass-produced until all we have left is a mind-numbing monoculture.”

” But by their very nature, artists are outsiders. They don’t hew to the status quo; they experience the world and the human condition in ways no one else ever has, and communicate that experience just as uniquely. That’s why great art can’t be mass-produced: uniqueness and individuality are what make art, well, art.”

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