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From time to time to time I will post mini-essays (or parts of essays) that I have written on the topic of creative generalism. Ramblings, really. Today is the first one…

#1 – Ideas at Intersections

Where to start? What is the big picture? This is the beginning point for all business scenarios. And to see the big picture one has to understand a lot of different variables – most of which we are not well versed in and may very well not be aware of at all. Generalists are important at observing everything and seeking out something that is most relevant for specialists to pursue. A generalist is a divergent thinker who is in touch with a large realm of possibilities.

At the heart of this, the creative process in inextricably linked to a fairly soft notion called inspiration. Inspiration is highly personal, extremely contextual and completely vague in any rational sense. And yet it is the pillar for any true innovation. It is the seed from which ideas grow.

So perhaps it is fitting to say then that inspiration comes from everything. We have no exact way of pinpointing what part of everything it derives from, and so open, freethinking is essential for its emergence. It could even come from the interplay of everything with everything else, in which case inspiration is most at home in highly communicative, collaborative and social environments.

This is a fairly straightforward point. Ideas follow inspiration, which comes freely at a friendly intersection of diverse multidisciplinary thinking. –S.H.

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