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Comic blogs, as presented in Reveries last week:

The Norm by Michael Jantze is using that hottest of online concepts — the Weblog, or ‘blog — to communicate directly with his fans and “reach beyond print readers. “Norm” appears daily in about 65 North American newspapers,” and the ‘blog is published on Jantze’s Web site, The Norm.

Dan Perkins, aka Tom Tomorrow, “created a ‘blog both to express his opinions textually and to fend off the 50 to 60 e-mail messages he was receiving daily.” At This Modern World, Perkins provides “footnotes” to help those who may not be sufficiently current on news events to understand the jokes.

Bill Amend, who writes Foxtrot, a strip syndicated to 1,000 papers, created Bill Amend “out of a fondness” for his readers.

Then there’s Chris Baldwin, who has no newspaper distribution but is using his site, Bruno Strip, to sell collections of his comics. He says he gets 900 visitors a day, has sold 2,000 copies of his collections and collected more than $3,000 in donations.

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