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In 1995 a New York producer and recording engineer named Billy Straus, noting the success of Victoria’s Secret, set up an office in his East Village apartment and began calling buyers at Crate & Barrel and Gap (GPS). “I asked potential distributors — we call them clients now — about doing branded CDs,” Straus says. “Typically they’d say, ‘We sell sofas. Why should we sell music?’ And I’d say, ‘That’s exactly why you should sell music!’ Usually the phone went dead.”

New ideas are usually derivative of two or more existing variables that have simply never been matched together before. If they work well together an “aha!” moment is born. And after that moment it just seems natural that those two variables would go hand-in-hand. They’re never seen as separate again.

Like CDs and furniture. Business 2.0 has a good article (Why Retail Rocks) this month about compilation music CDs for lifestyle-type retailers. These are CDs compiled and produced specifically to work in tandem with the brands of companies like Pottery Barn and Starbucks among others. Doing this takes branding beyond the logo and connects consumers with audio selections presumably in line with their other shopping tastes. A new idea is born simply by mixing two old mainstays.

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