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If you’ve been to Las Vegas you’ve probably admired the amazing fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel. The company that designed it and other well-known water entertainment is WET Design of California. Their site has some cool photos as well as an interesting break down of the process that went into realizing the Bellagio project.

Located within the lake and spanning its 1,000 foot length is an array of over 1,000 water expressions and over 4,000 individually programmed white lights. Within this plan is a combination of water forms that enables the fountains to interpret and perform to selected musical pieces. Some of the movement is continuous, responding to the smooth, legato passages of music, while other water jets are rapidly pulsing and staccato. The simplicity of the layout of water elements and the variety of vertical water expressions available in the fountain allow for breadth and variety in the fountain’s kinetics. A range of musical works was chosen, from classical and operatic pieces to popular music and songs from Broadway shows. In addition, [Bellagio] and WET invited designers, musicians and performance artists to choreograph the fountain to the different musical selections. The result is a rich and dynamic collection of performances in water, each unique and expressive of its own musical character and the artist who created it. The performances range from delicate and whimsical to grand and commanding.

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