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A great innovation by Coke. From The Wall Street Journal, via Reveries:

After following consumers to the supermarket and back home again, Coke came up with a new idea that seems to be giving their brand a big lift, reports Betsy McKay in The Wall Street Journal. Coke’s researchers noticed “that while people buy their sodas in multi-packs, most put only thee or four cans at a time into the refrigerator. They also discovered there’s a lot of ‘dead’ space in the back. After some brainstorming, the result is the “Fridge Pack.” It’s a “long, slender carton that holds 12 cans of soda,” with a small opening in front for easy dispenses. Fits neatly on, say, the bottom shelf of your fridge.

Since the “Fridge Pack” was introduced in Atlanta and Chicago in May, sales in those markets is up 10 percent. Coke spokesperson Lauren Steele says it’s Coke’s “most significant packaging innovation since introducing a PET plastic version of its contour bottle in 1994.” That move resulted in a 5.7 percent volume increase for Coca-Cola Classic, in part because the containers held 20 ounces, not just 16 or 12. Better margins, there, too.

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