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Joey Reiman continues to get good press. Founder of Atlanta’s Brighthouse and authour of the book Thinking for a Living, Reiman is featured in an article in this month’s Entrepreneur magazine. Brighthouse is a business consultancy (“the ideation corporation”) that aids in coming up with ideas and insights for major blue-chip clients by way of a four-step “heartstorming” process – 1) investigation, 2) incubation, 3) illumination and 4) illustration.

Most companies probably already do Steps 1 and 4. Investigation involves analyzing the project, learning everything possible about it. The last step, which often takes BrightHouse nearly three months, is putting the knowledge together into a dynamic package. But businesses often ignore incubation and illumination.

Reiman invites a diverse crowd into his ideations–say, an astrologist, a physicist and a psychologist to discuss life insurance. “If he’s working with an auto manufacturer, he’ll bring in an anthropologist or a sociologist–people who think beyond the borders of what you would expect, and you can really get into some fertile territory.”

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