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Posted on October 7th, 2002, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Uncategorized. No Comments

Alberto Manguel, a tremendously well-read authour and former professor of mine, has composed a pleasant essay called Light and Dark in the recent issue of Geist magazine. Here is a taste…

There are two big trees in my garden under which, when friends are visiting, we sit and talk, sometimes during the day, but usually at night. Especially at night, when talk seems less inhibited, wider-ranging, strangely more stimulating. There is something about sitting outside in the dark that seems conducive to unfettered conversation.

Sometimes light, once born, is self-sufficient and doesn’t need words to tell a story. Seeing the dazzling display of lights on Broadway, G. K. Chesterton exclaimed: “What a wonderful sight this would be, if only we couldn’t read!” The night landscape, once dotted with the glimmer of stars and fires, is now studded with the eerie glitter of television and computer screens, grey, blue and green, signalling their desperately brief messages that proclaim the abolition of time and space. They require no content, assume no particular reader: light for the sake of light, beyond illumination.

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