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Broken Saints, self-proclaimed as a 24-part graphic literature event, is probably the closest thing there is to a feature film in web form.

Broken Saints is an epic in the truest sense: A complex, drawn-out story told in twenty-four chapters, averaging about twenty minutes each. It’s the story of four characters — Kamimura (a Shinto priest), Shandala (a young girl from the Fijian Isles), Oran (a Muslim from Baghdad) and Raimi (a Software Engineer born in Montreal) — who all experience similar, recurring psychic visions and are drawn together as the story unfolds. Individual chapters play out like animated comics. Characters talk via speech bubbles and movement within each “shot” is limited but effective. The art and Flash work is excellent, if remarkably restrained: Shadows from a spinning fan in part 3 of chapter 20 are simple, yet arresting; West’s Animé-influenced art is bold and haunting. The writing is less restrained: Wading through the heavy narrative and dialogue in the first chapters is like trying to interpret a message from the I Ching, but the slowness is deliberate. From the characters’ wandering internal monologues to the creeping, lingering animation to the appropriately atmospheric music, everything comes together to form a creepy, meditative whole.

Shift has a full review.

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