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Realizing that the path to his own success would have been much rockier without the support and encouragement of many outstanding mentors, Spacey has sought out a way to inspire, nurture, and help bring exposure to new and undiscovered talent. If you are in a position to help others, if you find yourself in the building of life and you can send the elevator back down, that becomes your earnest duty.

Kevin Spacey, acclaimed actor from such films as American Beauty, Seven, and The Usual Suspects, has established an entertainment company of his own with the sole purpose of helping aspiring filmmakers and screenwriters make it big. The online component,, trumpets an online short-film festival and a screenwriters forum – both with the goal of “providing hands on, peer-to-peer, objective criticism and letting the material be judged on its own merit”. Judges even include Mike Myers, Annette Bening and Bono.

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