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Posted on November 12th, 2002, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Uncategorized. No Comments

If all else fails, serve lots of coffee. Eureka’s in-house research found that groups guzzling pots of coffee come up with 41% more ideas than those that drink water.

That nugget from a quick blurb in Profit Magazine’s Great Big Idea Guide. Other tips it gives for finding good ideas:

1. Focus your team not on potential products, but on specific benefits you can provide to your clients. Creating customer-centred objectives focusses your discussions, which produces ideas with a greater chance of success.

2. Gather stimuli to generate new ideas. Make people actually use your product “as directed” or compare your product side by side with competitors’.

3. Ensure diversity. If 10 people in a room agree on everything, nine of them shouldn’t be there. Encourage challenging questions and thick skins. “This is tough stuff,” says Hall. “Creativity is a full-contact sport.”

4. Establish a follow-through process so participants know good ideas will get a chance.

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