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Lesson #1: Work with others to achieve something great.

Lesson #2: Work with others unlike yourself to achieve something greater.

So writes Andy Lippman in All Together Now

The amazingly rapid development of the Web, which moved like a tsunami across thousands of businesses and out into the world at large, took many hands—hands that were often unwittingly working in concert. Now we are at risk of being stuck dead in the water. Rather than working together in ways that benefit everyone, companies are delaying innovation because of a narrow, and misguided, sense of self-interest. The solution is, first, to understand what I call the wave theory of how major innovations occur. Then we need to form partnerships that will let us ride those waves together, in ways that help all of us. …

In this connected world, there is no investment that will fail to help someone else at least as much as it helps you. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest. Instead, it means you should look around for partners who are already halfway to where you want to go. If you’re General Motors Corp. and you want cars to be connected to the Internet, work with banks to turn cars into mobile automated teller machines. Work with drive-through restaurants to let people order from their cars while en route. If you want to install wireless Internet connections in airports, work with Starbucks Corp. and airline clubs, which have similar goals. (Mobilstar failed because it tried going it alone.) The only way to return to a climate of innovation and opportunity is to create another wave. And the only way to do that is by looking outside an individual business to potential partners.

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