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Well, here’s an executive that actually understands that brands, products and strategies require ideas as connecting links. Steven Heyer, president and COO for Coca-Cola Co., made what was apparently a very well-received speech in Holywood earlier this week that appealed to movie moguls, music execs and TV producers to cooperate for mutual benefit. He correctly points out that fragmentation is now more common and that compelling broadly-thought ideas more important. He also took the opportunity to position Coke as the valuable network connecting all of the diverse parties.

So how does Madison meet Vine? What’s the intersection? It’s not the property, the TV show, the movie, the music or the brand. It’s why, where, and how we bring them together. And it is, as ever, about the consumer, all glued together by a powerful idea. It’s the insight about people’s passions and the connections we create — naturally and uniquely – between them and the equity in our brands. Cultural icons in brand context. Important events tied to important brands… with an important reason why.

…People are always saying that this medium or that medium is in decay, declining, going away. No medium goes away; its role changes. That’s all. And as media fragmentation continues… and as new choices continue to emerge and technology leaps out ahead of consumers’ wishes to change the way they behave… it’s incumbent upon us all — advertisers, marketers, creators of content and culture, everyone in this game — to think. And to think differently about how we’ll connect with consumers in the future.

…Those clear-cut definitions fit neatly into a box… a box defined by uniformity and predictability, which is no longer sustainable in a hyper-fragmenting world. If we continue to confine ourselves to those roles that box is going to become a coffin. The headstone will read: “They didn’t try.

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