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Positives. U.S. News & World Report recently published a “Special Collector’s Edition” titled “American Ingenuity: The Culture of Creativity that Made a Nation Great”. It’s jam-packed with a beautiful mix of American stories about innovation, focusing on such people as Joan Baez, Woody Guthrie, Duke Ellington, Rachel Carson, Charles Kettering, Levi Strauss, scientist Leo Sternbach (inventor of Valium), adman Leo Burnett and Willis Carrier (inventor of air conditioning). I don’t believe that it is online anywhere but here is the introduction by editor Jodi Schneider anyway:

For many, America is not just a place but a dream, an idea, an aspiration. For immigrants, it has long meant the end of suffering under tyranny; the hard work required to be a success here was part of their dream. For the thinkers and creators – musicians, scholars, inventors, and innovators – America has offered the freedom to explore their pursuits and take their ideas to the masses, and the hope of financial rewards as well. But America is also a landscape. By exploring uniquely American parts of our geography – the Lower East Side of New York, in 1900 and in 2000; Coney Island, then and now; and Las Vegas, which is becoming an all-American city – one can see into the nation’s people and its soul, and wrestle with the notion of what makes up the American spirit.

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