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Fortune has an article about Brand Blue – as in the Blue Man Group, those tall bald blue-coloured performance artists that some of us have seen at shows in NY, Boston, Chicago or Vegas but most of us have only seen on those interesting Intel commercials. The article goes on to describe some of their growing pains – moving from a core group of three (the founders) and an understudy to a natioanl troupe of sorts consisting of 38 blue men. The Blue Man Group brand has been carefully guarded and is hailed as a great business example of managing success.

Their first real breakthrough didn’t come until several years later, when they belatedly saw the wisdom of advice they received from noted business philosopher Penn Jilette, half of the irreverent Penn & Teller comedy-magic duo. “He saw the show in, like, the first month,” says Goldman, who has a recurring grin that suggests he just got away with something. Jilette is a big man, and to recreate the moment, Goldman stands and looms over me, waving his hands. “He said, ‘Oh, my God! You guys can do what Teller and I can never do! You can clone yourselves!’ And we said, ‘No, you don’t get it, we’re more like a band.’ I actually thought he was, like …” he searches momentarily and finally settles on, “a wackhead.”

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