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Crispin Glover has fleshed out various films with truly inspired performances. He was the affected, druggie Layne in River’s Edge (’87), a mute baddie in Charlie’s Angels (2000) and had a hilarious cameo as Andy Warhol in Oliver Stone’s The Doors (’91). He’s also attracted the attention of some of the most influential directors working, landing roles in the films of David Lynch (Wild at Heart), Lasse Hallstrom (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape), Jim Jarmusch (Dead Man) and Neil LaBute (Nurse Betty).

Meanwhile, Glover has not limited himself to acting, having written several novels, most notably Rat Catching, published by his family’s own Volcanic Eruptions Press. Claiming to be intrigued by “the aesthetic of discomfort,” Glover also recorded a spoken-word and music album, The Big Problem [does not equal] the Solution. The Solution = LET IT BE, in ’89, and in ’99 released his directorial debut, What Is It?, a film that starred a group of actors with Down’s Syndrome. This year Glover is again starring as a freakish figure, playing the title role in Willard, the remake of the ’70s cult movie.

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