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Based on the idea that all things in this world are interconnected, well-known Japanese video and performance artist Mariko Mori’s spectacular new “Wave UFO” project is billed as a visionary work, which brings together art, science, performance, music, and architecture in an integral work of art. Astounding with a dynamic sculptural form that hovers on the border between large-scale sculpture and bio-amorphous architecture, “Wave UFO” is said to embody an unified, borderless world – from space!

Mori has fused new technologies, computer graphics, video projections, and engineered structures in order to expand the art experience. The visitors participate in the artist’s conceptions of interconnected dream worlds. In a capsule within a huge architectural sculpture of whale-like proportions (approx. 5 x 11 x 5 m), which can only be accessed via a staircase, three people can recline in seats for seven minutes. The images projected on the dome screen of the capsule are generated by a kind of interactive bio-feedback loop that reads the brainwaves of the participants. In a computer-animated video projection, Mori sends the “travelers” on a trip to a spiritual cosmos.

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