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Physicist and author Michio Kaku on why leadership and creativity will always matter, especially in the face of technological hubris and exponential change.

Some businesspeople choose to ignore the call, believing they’ll always be able to make money the old-fashioned way. But true leaders understand that the ticket to the engineer’s seat for the ride into the future is a commitment to technology and intellectual capital—to analysis, leadership, and creativity. Because commodities have been steadily dropping in price for the past 120 years, commodity-based capitalism is gradually being replaced by intellectual capitalism as the dominant source of wealth for companies and societies. And it can’t be mass-produced.

This doesn’t mean computers will dominate everything. We forget sometimes that for all their power, computers are just adding machines. They can do repetitive tasks much better than we can. But they have neither intellect nor humor. They can’t enlighten us or make us laugh. They can’t inspire our workers or customers. In the future, computers may replace middlemen, wiping out the jobs of agents, brokers, and tellers, in the friction of capitalism. But they can’t replace the creative mind.

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