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They’re travelling along what education researchers prosaically label the “indirect path” through postsecondary education toward the world of work. They belong to the best-educated generation Canada has ever produced, but they’re taking their time getting there. And the evidence, while patchy, suggests it’s what Canadians in their 20s are doing in huge numbers.

Meandering. Searching. Being cautious. Deciding that they’ve wound up on the wrong path and changing directions. Being very, in a word, postmodern.

Many spoke in interviews about feeling overwhelmed by options, and at the same time not pressured to fit in, free to search for a future to fit their ideals. Many are confused by the message that they’ll have multiple careers in their lifetimes. Many look at their work-stressed and job-drudged parents and say that isn’t for them.

Is it generational? Capricious Class of ’94 takes long and winding road.

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