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I spent yesterday at my brother’s university convocation. He was one of over 1000 young people graduating with undergraduate degrees in education. I’m very proud of Dave and know that he will be one of the best, most understanding high school teachers out there. We need more like him.

Speaking with a soon-to-be-retired elementary school vice-principal while at the ceremonies I learned of a rather frightening trend in elementary schools that I have already witnessed in high schools and blogged about here before. She told me that in order to consolidate teachers and supplies, a growing movement (in this area, anyway) is to make each elementary school in the district specialized in something. An art school. A phys ed school. A music school. A drama school. A language school. Etc. It’s disappointing to think that kids still in single digit ages are being herded into fairly narrow academic trails so early on without being given a chance to dabble in a bit of everything first. Pure Content just posted a link to a related article at Boxes and Arrows: Coloring Outside the Lines.

Once upon a time, we were curious and everything we encountered was new. We were excited about discovering new things and the world offered unlimited possibilities.

Then we went to school and were taught to color inside the lines, that everything had its place and the world was ordered. But, outside of school, there was still the chaos of life to revel in, the unexplored woods at the end of the street where nothing was ordered and we could be cowboys or astronauts or presidents. We learned to balance the structure of school with the infinite possibilities of playtime.

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