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Posted on July 1st, 2003, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Uncategorized. No Comments

Creative Generalist is apparently an exercise in “randomity”, at least by Flemming Funch’s description.

You can often get the picture of something much faster by throwing in some randomity than by examining it “systematically”. If you’re playing minesweeper, it is a bad strategy to start at one corner and move up one cell at a time. Better to try some random cells and see what picture forms. If you were trying to make out the topography of a piece of land, you might get the picture much faster by choosing a bunch of scattered random points to check than if you start at one end and go through it.

It is an intelligence or investigation technique as well. You might often find out more about a person or group if you pick some random or incidental channel of communication and see what goes through it, or some random source of information. Looking through somebody’s trashcan would tell you a whole lot about them. Possibly more than if you just listened to them. …

The idea is that life leaves traces and clues, and if one holds the view that everything in the world is inherently connected at a deeper level, it is quite natural to assume that the application of a little randomity might bring out some of the clues.

(via Focused Performance)

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