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Margaret J. Wheatley, author and organizational development authority, writing in the Indian magazine Vimukt Shiksha, (March 2001):

It isn’t just pop culture and fast food that is creating a monoculture across the planet; it’s also the spread of one management model, a model that is inherently destructive of life. … there is at least one other great destructive force at work globally, and that is the American management model. Leaders everywhere, no matter what their culture or tradition, are pressured to focus on numeric measures of efficiency and narrow measures of success, i.e. growth and profit-making. These practices are not sufficient to create a healthy and robust workplace or planet. American businesses that only focus on these narrow goals fail as well. As these too-narrow measures roll out around the world, they create the conditions for large-scale destruction of cultures, habitats, and the human spirit. Yet few local leaders can withstand the pressure to be “modern” and so they forfeit their own experience and wisdom about what works best within their own traditions.

(via Utne)

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