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A Dot-Commer Becomes a Lecturer – Jeffrey A. Dachis, founder of the technology consulting business Razorfish, at New School in Manhattan.

Standing in front of the blackboard, Mr. Dachis ridiculed other classes at the New School and elsewhere that he said taught students simply how to operate a computer program. “Tool monkeys,” he called them. With a piece of chalk, he drew two connected squares. Pointing to the top box, he said, “Here is where the tool monkey is.”

Then, he pointed to the bottom. “Down here is where the theory is,” he said. Without the basis of theory, the result ends up being meaningless, he said. By the end of the two hours, only about two-thirds of the audience remained. One would-be participant who stayed asked Mr. Dachis, “What kind of student will benefit most from this class?”

“Thinkers who understand prepositional and propositional logic,” Mr. Dachis said. “We’re going to completely shatter everything we know today.”

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