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They’re dysfunctional, they like to fight, they lived on FOX and they’re animated. No, we’re not talking about the Simpsons. We’re talking about the Griffins, stars of the sadly short-lived but acclaimed sitcom “Family Guy.” In fact, these residents of Quahog, Rhode Island, make Homer’s clan appear almost normal. Self-serving, TV-obsessed, loutish and incredibly stupid Peter is the patriarch of the clan, while his patient, overworked wife, Lois, is the one who keeps things together. Their children consist of idiot man-child Chris; neurotic, friendless drama queen Meg; and 1-year old Stewie, a maniacal talking baby bent on world domination and killing his mother. Also in the mix is Brian, the wise, sophisticated, alcoholic family dog.

Though it only aired for three seasons (1999-2001), the very twisted — and very hilarious — show pushed the PC envelope about as far as any network comedy had done since “All in the Family.” No one was safe, as creator Seth MacFarlane and his stable of warped writers were equal-opportunity offenders.

An interview with Seth MacFarlane, voice of Peter, Stewie and Brian, and creator of the much loved Family Guy.

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