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Design – the human capacity to plan and produce desired outcomes – has placed us at the beginning of a new, unprecedented period of human possibility, where all economies and ecologies are becoming global, relational, and interconnected.

Nature is no longer a realm outside of our manipulation. We need to evolve a global society that has the capacity to direct and control the emerging forces in order to achieve the most positive outcome. We must ask ourselves, now that we can do anything, what will we do?

Massive Change: The Future of Design Culture is the culmination of a year’s work by the inaugural class of the Institute Without Boundaries. Engineered as an international discursive project, Massive Change aims to map the new capacity, power and promise of design. It will explore paradigm-shifting events, ideas, and people, investigating the capacities and ethical dilemmas of design in manufacturing, transportation, urbanism, warfare, health, living, energy, markets, materials, the image, information, and software.

Sign up and check out the great radio interviews with folks like Dean Kamen, Director of DEKA research and FIRST; Nancy Padian, Director of International Research at the AIDS Research Institute; Leonard Shlain, author; and Steven Squyres, Professor of Astronomy at Cornell University.

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