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Failure is Glorious. A concept lost on so many companies and illustrated here in a nicely aged Fast Company article by housewares manufacturing businessman Alberto Alessi.

The borderline: The area of the “possible” is the area in which we develop products that the customer will love and buy. The area of the “not possible” is represented by the new projects that people are not yet ready to understand or accept.

Working close to the borderline is very risky, because you cannot see it with your eyes. It is not clearly drawn or marked. You can only feel it by using sensibility and intuition — two characteristics rare in industrial organizations that are led by technology rather than design. One step more, and you risk falling into the not-possible area. So most car producers, for example, work as far away as possible from the borderline. And step by step, they all end up producing the same car.

At Alessi, we work as close as we can to the borderline and accept the risk of falling into the other area. Why? Because when we succeed, we give birth to a new product that surprises people and manages to touch their hearts. And because it is completely unknown, it doesn’t have any competition — which means we can enjoy big margins.

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