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Trends tracking is itself in an upward trend. Hunting for the Next Cool in Advertising.

Q. Could you describe some of the major reasons marketers need to have trend watchers?

Mr. Welch: You want to build empathy between your brand and the people you’re selling to. If you don’t try to tap into how they spend their time, who they are, it’s just another brand. If you don’t understand the changes they undergo, you can’t communicate effectively with them. And it’s not necessarily right for every brand, every product, every category. It has to have resonance with the brand and the brand values.

Ms. Lazarus: You’re looking for leading-edge trends that will eventually filter into the mainstream in one to two years’ time, changing patterns in leisure behavior, holiday destinations, music choices, as well as fashion trends.

Mr. Welch: It’s important to look at the periphery, because that’s where trends start.

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