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Within the perspective of SAP implementation, and using the metaphors of organism and nervous system for an organization and its management, IT consultant Sue White discusses The Networker Role and how the Corporate “Brain” differs from the Corporate “Mind”.

This organization has a distributed “mind” rather than a centralized “brain.” As such, it can both obtain information from many different sources and perform empowered actions at many different locations. Communications, and other creative activities, are enhanced, and occur in parallel rather than being constrained by linear or serial structures and processes. These organizations tend to be fluid and adaptable because they reflect ideas and applications from quantum physics, chaos and complexity theories, rather than the rigidity and structure of the Newtonian paradigm. In this case, the Networker Role is widely disseminated throughout the organization, and ideally at least, would be held (at least in part) by every member of the organization. Every individual in the corporation would both understand and accept his/her responsibility to gather necessary information (and/or other resources) and ensure that they were delivered to the person(s) who needed them.

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