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From a Mensch & Büro interview with Frenchman and former Ford and Volkswagen top dog Daniel Goeudevert:

What we especially need are generalists. Everyone in professional life will be able to confirm that a first-class education is certainly important, but not crucial in the final analysis. In my time as a manager I had quite a few “straight A” graduates from the very best faculties at my side, and they were all far technically superior to me with regard to academic ability. In terms of qualification they soared in icy heights — and frequently, despite expert knowledge, they were absolutely not up to the task in working practice. Motivating colleagues, convincing employees, providing a solid working atmosphere, assuming responsibility for others, coming to terms with setbacks. Nobody prepared them for that. And such competencies are indeed also not so easy to learn, and not even able to be taught like any other body of knowledge. But you differentiate between a good and a bad manager, a good and a bad politician. That’s why I consider the topic “education” to be a very pivotal theme for the future.

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