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From a Mirror interview with singer/songwriter Lhasa de Sela:

M: Without nomadic personalities like yours, human communities would simply build walls, not bridges. The wanderers are the ones who build those links, but at the same time I don’t want to fault those who remain rooted in the same place. They’re the ones who define that place, who give its particular character and history.

LdS: It’s like flowers and bees, you know? The flowers have to stay put and the bees get to go around, taking sugar from all the different flowers. I get to be a bee! (laughing) I was just thinking, travelling in Europe is an amazing thing because there are no borders anymore, so you’re just travelling along the road and all of the sudden, you’re in a different country. You get out of the car and people are speaking a different language. You immediately feel that the culture’s different, even if it’s just between Belgium and Germany, where the people look kind of the same, all white and European and everything. It made me realize how there’s history there, how people fought for that territory, for those lines to be drawn and to preserve their identities in those places.

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