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Posted on September 15th, 2004, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Uncategorized. No Comments

On the specialized uselessness of the traditional/modern advertising agency. From an interview with partner Mark Goldstein in ad agency Lowe’s newsletter:

Q: What kind of changes?

A: We don’t need to modernize the agency, we need to futurize it. To jump way ahead of our competitors in how we come to market, the integrated services we offer, the interdisciplinary knowledge of our people, the way we use technology, and in our ability to more efficiently manage big hairy pieces of business. The result will be that everyone who works at Lowe will have the chance to get much smarter, much faster.

Q: That sounds like code for something bad.

A: No – it’s code for something good. As advertising agency people focus on advertising, while clients focus on everything, we’ve become less important as an industry. We need to cross-train people to be problem-solvers, not just ad-makers. The ability to broaden our palette will make everybody at Lowe more valuable, not less. It’s going to take serious training and investment, but we can’t be a great agency without it.

(via Adland)

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