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The Face of Tomorrow is a multicultural one.

The Face of Tomorrow is a new series of works by Istanbul based photographer Mike Mike. It deals with notions of race, place, identity and belonging on both an extremely local level as well as on an impossibly ambitious, almost Borgesian, global scale. The project is an exploration of human identity as affected by the forces of globalization and makes full use of all the tools of the modern economy – distributed work across several time zones, outsourcing to take advantages of cost disparities, an open source model that allows input from contributors, and of course the internet itself as a medium of display and exchange. Mike travels the world photographing in each city the first one hundred people he can convince to take part in his project. He then combines the faces to create one new male and female individual, which for him is a distilled representation of that place at a future moment in time. On a personal level it is one artist’s search for identity and belonging and the relationship of self to the larger world. On a deeper level it as an exploration of the systems behind globalization and how these systems might influence the future make-up of each individual locus. Having grown up in apartheid-era South Africa, educated on four continents and currently living in Istanbul, itself a “schizophrenic city” sited on two continents looking east and west as well as north and south, it is understandable that these issues arising from globalization would form the central thesis of his work. The project has now taken on a life of its own, like a computer code or virus, and at present there are people in Colombia, Japan, Germany and Holland working on the project independently of Mike.

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