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What is your capacity for learning? If you’re a Chief Marketing Officer it had better be quite high. The world of marketing is changing so much, so quickly and in so many directions that there is no doubt that keeping up with it all in any kind of productive way requires a bit of overtime. Writing in Canada’s Marketing Magazine a few weeks ago, Yasmin Glanville & Doug Snetsinger take a closer look at how CMOs learn (registration required).

A new marketing paradigm is emerging quickly that is putting a premium on CMO learning. Most of that learning is happening on the job as marketers grapple with demands for accountability that require them to prove their performance like never before. In a brave new world that requires real-time information 24/7, they are expected to learn about new media and new audiences, merge marketing efforts and provide measurable ROI/ROO-all at the speed of light. The relentless demand for measurable marketing results has ignited a major shift in performance-based marketing and communications. …

An earlier study, “Learning Leaders,” showed a strong correlation between CEO learning and business performance, and we suspect that there is a similar positive relationship between CMO learning and marketing success. So how does one survive and thrive in this changing landscape? …

David Dunne at the Rotman Teaching Effectiveness Centre in Toronto noted that continuous learning is key. “Brand manager turnover leads to short-term thinking,” Dunne told the participants. “Leaders need to capture learning, keep moving forward and share the big picture and previous learning with new managers, so that the knowledge base can grow and move forward.”

Jim Dunbar, who heads up marketing and business development at Brascan Financial Business Services in Toronto, adds that the commitment to learning must come from the top down. “We endorse the idea that there are ‘no bad ideas’ and great ideas can come from anywhere. To this end, we continually approach the business through brainstorming sessions and problem-solving techniques and encourage everyone to come to the table with out-of-the box ideas. Ultimately, the key is to keep an open mind while focusing on identifying the problem and the solution will often present itself, sometimes from within your sector, and often, not.”

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