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Accompanying profiles of the Top 10 Celebrity Entrepreneurs in the latest issue of Inc. is a great article about musician Moby and his small tea retailing venture. It’s called Teany and it’s Moby’s realistic attempt at diversifying his business interests.

Tisdale [Moby’s business partner] quickly whipped up a few iced tea flavors for parched customers, but it wasn’t until Moby returned from tour a few months later that the seeds of a larger idea were planted. Moby had remembered trying a tea juice drink at a Los Angeles restaurant and began mixing some of Teany’s teas with juices and spices. “No one’s going to want that,” Tisdale told Moby at the time. But she humored him. And Moby turned out, perhaps not surprisingly, to be a mix master, fusing flavors like pomegranate juice and white tea as if they were backbeats and blues samples. After dozens of duds, they came up with a handful of flavors they liked. More importantly, the flavors proved to be big hits with customers. And Moby began to see a bigger picture emerging.

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