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Banksy, Roadsworth, and Grafedia

Posted on March 28th, 2005, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Uncategorized. No Comments

The artwork is every bit as good as the stealth form of displaying them is audacious. Last week the Wooster Collective posted photos of infamous UK graffiti artist Banksy sporting a beard and trenchcoat hanging some of his pieces in four of New York’s most prestigious museums – The Brooklyn Museum (‘Soldier with Spraycan‘), The Metropolitan Museum of Art (‘You have beautiful eyes‘), The Museum of Modern Art (‘Discount Soup Can‘), and the American Museum of Natural History (‘Dead beetle with glued on sidewinder missiles and satellite dish‘). All have since been removed, although a couple stayed up a few days before being noticed by museum staff.

Another street artist who has a lot of people talking about art in public space is Montreal’s Roadsworth. Last year, Roadsworth (Peter Gibson) left a series of wonderfully clever stencils on various streets and sidewalks in the city but was caught and arrested on vandalism charges. To many Roadsworth’s work, although on public grounds, was not vandalism. It added character to some of the city’s most boring areas and was definitely not the messy tagging typically associated with graffiti vandalism.

And still on the topic of graffiti, Wired News has an article on how street art is hitting your cell phone. John Geraci, a graduate student in New York University’s interactive telecommunications program, has developed a simple wireless app called grafedia, which enables folks to make the world their canvas by publicly posting e-mail addresses or keywords that, when punched into certain mobile phones or an e-mail account, retrieve corresponding images. “Since the project launched in late December, instances of grafedia have popped up stateside in places like New York City and San Francisco. Outside the United States, the project has gained fans in Brazil, France and England, Geraci said. So far, several hundred images have been uploaded to the grafedia server.”

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