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Posted on May 1st, 2005, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Uncategorized. No Comments

Iconoclastic actor Edward Norton has apparently been quite busy pushing environmental awareness, as narrator of a four-part National Geographic special called Strange Days for Planet Earth and as champion of BP’s Solar Neighbors Program (an initiative to bring solar panels to low-income households) in LA. Grist Magazine’s Amanda Griscom Little recently interviewed Norton to discuss his impressive environmental pedigree, his indignation over Bush administration policies, his heroes and his vices.

What was interesting to you about the way “Strange Days on Planet Earth” approaches environmental issues?
I was impressed with the theme that the globe is a truly integrated biological and ecological system. There’s that old adage that when a butterfly beats its wings in China, it can cause a hurricane in Africa. The film explores that concept to the nth degree, showing how science is demonstrating more and more specifically just how intimately connected to each other we are. It amazes me that we got our first images of the earth from space just over 35 years ago, and still for the most part don’t have a sense of the planet as a unified whole.

(via How to Save the World)

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