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They’re smarter than 99.9% of the rest of us–the super genius–and not only do they possess high IQ scores, strong verbal ability, a sophisticated sense of humour, sensitivity towards injustice, perfectionist tendencies, and often an outsider’s perspective, members of the Triple Nine Society have in common an voracious appetite for learning across a wide variety of fields.

“People like me tend to be really good at a lot of things, but master of none. It’s one hobby after another,” Garrett says. “It’s frustrating sometimes. I’m not happy unless I can learn everything about whatever I’m interested in at the moment.”

In leading a life that may appear both scattered and focused, Garrett exemplifies a key trait of the super-smart: a boundless curiosity, bolstered by an intellect so powerful it makes learning easy and fun.

“Things come easier for you in many domains, and if things come easier, you’re more likely to enjoy learning,” explains Linda Gottfredson, a University of Delaware expert on human intelligence.

(via Chaotic Gestalt)

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