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“Grow Their Own Ideas”

Posted on September 19th, 2005, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Uncategorized. No Comments

Dan Pink points to a recent Thomas Friedman dispatch from Singapore about an innovative study program called HeyMath. It’s effectively a sharing of best practices and is complementing efforts to introduce more right-brain thinking into the city-state’s education system.

As Low-Sim Ay Nar, principal of Xinmin Secondary School, explained to me, Singapore has got rote learning down cold. No one is going to outdrill her students. What it is now focusing on is how to develop more of America’s strength: getting Singaporean students and teachers to be more innovative and creative. “Numerical skills are very important,” she told me, but “I am now also encouraging my students to be creative – and empowering my teachers. … We have been loosening up and allowing people to grow their own ideas.”

Oh, and here’s another semi-related, semi-interesting and none-too-timely piece about the element of play in learning – particularly, in this case, open and distance learning. It does a nice job of framing the play vs. work issue historically.

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