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The Coming Golden Age of Television

Posted on November 26th, 2005, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Uncategorized. No Comments founder, Dallas Mavericks owner, and HDNet co-founder Mark Cuban counters the prevailing notion that TV is dying with this brilliant synopsis The Coming Golden Age of Television.

So when you add it up.

Consumers are going HD. HDTV will replace analog tv as surely as DVDs replaced VCRs. Those consumers will demand HD programming. The distributor that can provide it, will get their business. That competition will push networks to go HD, but for a variety of reasons, not all can or will, which means there will be fewer networks competing for viewers and some of those networks will be “AM band”, reducing the competition for viewers and advertisers even more.

HD technology will also bring more viewers to watch programming on HDTVs because its so new and different. Which in turn will bring advertisers and will extend the life of the 30 second commercial.

The impact of the internet on inhome viewing will diminish until bandwidth to the home can increase by the same 4x or 5x that HD programming bandwidth increased.

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