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Creative Generalist’s 2005 Round-up

Posted on December 23rd, 2005, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Uncategorized. No Comments

What an amazing year for generalist ideas and initiatives! Here’s a holiday sampling of some of my favourite posts from the last 12 months.

Interconnected Ecology – Ecologists all seem to be generalists.

One Item or Less – If big box grocery stores were to specialize…

Conceptual Age – The Wired article that lead to A Whole New Mind, one of the top book releases this year.

The Limits of Generalism – That sinking feeling of being on the outside of a specialty.

Characteristics of an Effective Team – A top 12 list to work by. Also see my Rule 33.

Plenitude – A prescient essay by Grant McCracken about variety and fragmentation.

826 Valencia – San Francisco’s only independent pirate supply store. Brilliant!

Marketing General Interest Magazines – My take on this peculiar corner of the mag rack.

Banksy, Roadsworth, and Grafedia – The creative world of grafitti. Even more Banksy here.

Massive Change – An entirely thought-provoking book and exhibit featuring a range of disparate views.

Progress Traps – Ronald Wright’s amazing book explains how we’re out-innovationg ourselves.

Chaos Scenario and The Long Tail – A shake-up year in media and a new catchphrase popularizing niches.

Alinea’s Chef Grant Achatz – An imaginative approach to food.

Interdisciplinary Academia – The curse/joy of being interdisciplinary and the future of academia.

Specialization and Design – Have designers lost sight of the big picture?

The World is Flat – I owe Thomas Friedman a word of thanks for introducing me to the term versatilists.

The Little Giant of Nantes – Such a splendidly vivid demonstration of story and performance.

The Big Picture Burden – The downside of grasping wholes and systems and the long view.

The Flight of the Creative Class – Richard Florida’s new book points to generalist traits as advantages for creative nations.

Two Sides of the Same Coin – The balance between specialized innovation and diverse wide-ranging ideation.

Jake Shimabukuro’s Ukelele – This dude plays a mean ukelele.

Roots of Empathy – Improving the “emotional literacy” of kids and teens.

Does College Matter – Education vs. learning – you choose.

Thinking, Linking, Doing – The three stages to realizing ideas.

Green Automaking? – A profile of a sick industry that could have used a few good generalists.

What Business Can Learn from Open Source – Paul Graham’s excellent essay which rippled through the blogosphere.

Problems are Solved by Seekers – Nancy Dixon’s recipe for improving organizational learning.

Unskilled and Unaware of It – To know what you don’t know.

Leadership is Grasping Context – The shared trait of the entrepreneurial leader, the leader as manager, and the charismatic leader.

Why You Should Continue to Date Me – A series of amusing and clever charts by Joel Friesen.

Pandora – I will happily recommend this fine tool of musical exploration.

Landing One Plane at a Time – The 4 disciplines of execution and the role of specialization.

And last but not least: The Creative Generalist: How Broad Thinking Leads to Big Ideas – A highlight for me this year – my very own ChangeThis manifesto. Thank you so much to everybody who posted and emailed me their comments. It’s been absolutely incredible to encounter so many curious and open-minded souls who actually read and care about my ramblings and the miscellany of stuff I link to from this blog. Thank you.

To all my creative generalist friends, season’s greetings and best wishes for 2006!

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