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Posted on September 17th, 2006, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Updates. No Comments

Well, here it is folks. A little bit anti-climatic but a milestone nevertheless. This is my one-thousandth post to Creative Generalist.

It took me 1578 days, or roughly four and a half years, to get here. I know, other bloggers have gotten here faster – some much faster – but still I’m a little amazed that I’ve clicked “Publish Post” quadruple-digit times. Gotta say – it feels pretty damn good.

I’ve counseled several friends who have decided to join the so-called blogosphere. My number one piece of advice is always to keep at it. Be passionate about it and be disciplined with it. I bet the Blogger, Typepad and WordPress servers are littered with abandoned blogs with nary an archive.

Anyways, self-congratulatory pat on the back out of the way. Now, moving on.

Oh wait, but first a big thank you to all of you who for some reason or another care to visit Creative Generalist (close to 100,000 times) or subscribe to its RSS feed (at least 425 on Bloglines). I especially like the feedback I’ve received via comments and email. You’re a sharp bunch, no doubt about that. By now most of you know just how, uh, enamoured I am with generalism and curiosity and ideas and diversity, etc. It’s been incredibly rewarding to encounter others who share (or contructively challenge) these thoughts, observations and discoveries.

Which leads me to what’s next. In an effort to expand the discussion here a bit, I’m setting up a Creative Generalist Q&A series. Ecclectic curiosity at its finest! Starting Tuesday I will be randomly posting short interviews with a wide range of very interesting people who are each working on fascinating creative projects. Their stories and insights will, I hope, shed more light on just who and what a creative generalist is.

Indeed, the Q&A process has already been quite illuminating for me. It’s really reminded me and made me much more aware of just how important a good question is. I fear I’ve asked some clunkers – and you’ll see them – but I think I’ve crafted some winners too. In any case, I hope you find the series interesting and inspiring.

What else? Well, more of the usual unusual stuff – finds and thoughts and links. I also have an essay that I’m dying to share with you. It’s a follow-up to the ChangeThis manifesto that I published last fall. Just need to scrounge up the precious time to finish it. I hope to have it up before #2000. Cheers!

(Pictured: the Datamatic 1000)

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