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CES 2009

Posted on January 18th, 2009, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany. No Comments

A belated happy new year to my faithful readers.

I’ve not posted for a while because I’ve been especially busy – first in a lazy laid-back way during the holidays and then, last week, as a presenting exhibitor at the gigantic Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It was my first CES and although most vets found it to be quieter than in past years (due to the economy, of course) it’s still really really big and busy. I spent much of the sleepless week presenting, speaking, interviewing, and running around schlepping but I did have a little bit of time to wander around and see what the world of gadget makers are up to. Lots, apparently – everything from new smartphones, wireless charging mats, modular computing, pico projectors, eco-batteries, ultra flatscreen TVs, 3D, and super durable kids computers, to just skim the surface. The sheer scale and diversity of invention is incredibly inspiring if not intimidating.

There are a number of great round-ups online, including here, here, here, and here.

Aside #1: I have to mention my surprise at just how friendly and genuinely curious I found the reporters, crews, producers, and bloggers covering CES to be. As I said, it’s a big show to sort through and cover, and they’re being barraged by entrepreneurs and PR pros non-stop from all angles. And yet, as a whole, very good-humoured and well-prepared.

Aside #2: Whoever scheduled the big adult entertainment expo to be at the same time and just next door (in the Sands) is responsible for one of the funniest and most entertaining convention centre hallway walks ever. Truly a collision of personalities and fashions.

Aside #3: Vegas itself is wild, as everyone knows. From what the cabbies will tell you, it’s also hurting these days. Discounted hotel rooms, unmoving construction cranes, and headlines on the local paper claiming that gambling revenues are down 15%. If you’re looking for a cheap getaway in 2009 Sin City may be a steal of a deal.

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