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Posted on February 18th, 2010, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Updates. No Comments

Well, it’s certainly been a while since my last post. Yikes.

I used to hold to a pretty steady and disciplined regimen of about three posts a week – even long after that new blog smell faded away. But I’ve slowed over the last year – obviously – for, I suppose, a variety of fairly typical reasons: blog fatigue, Twitter distraction (@shardy12), info overload, very busy and engaging day job, little time to tap out anything worth reading (like now), and even some (happy) recognition that the generalist mantra which I felt was so under-represented several years ago is alive, well, and thriving widely these days.

Cheers to that, Creative Generalists!

Still, I miss the blog (and especially those of you I’ve met through it) and intend to keep with it – even if it means a bit more of a quiet period while I re-imagine it and carve out the right time to post. (How I admire those who blog often, thoughtfully, and thoroughly.) So, basically, all this is is really just the equivalent of a radar ping – to show that I’m still swimming around this big digital ocean even if I haven’t called in for a while. Back soon.

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