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BIF-2 Reflections

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Some BIF-2 reflections…

The last two days and 34 presentations about innovation (in all sorts of forms) were, as expected very inspiring. The conference had its wrinkles to be sure – most notably ongoing audio troubles and rather ambivalent introductions by the co-hosts – but on the whole it was a very well organized event featuring a top-tier line-up of talented, ambitious and accomplished people. All but a few of the presenters were great, which is not an easy thing to achieve when both the quantity and diversity of speakers is so large and so varied. Kudos to Saul Kaplan and the team at Business Innovation Factory in Providence for their hard work and a thank you for including bloggers like me in the mix.… more

BIF-2 Thursday

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Day 2 at BIF-2

Another great day here in Providence at the BIF-2 Collaborative Innovation Summit. Today’s host was WSJ columnist Walt Mossberg and the presentations seemed to swing more widely in terms of subject material. It started with Dean Kamen, who is of course the well-known inventor of the Segway and other technological marvels. In a soft-spoken and steady manner he extolled the benefits of innovation to companies and to America in general. “Not every company and organization needs to be innovative. Only the ones that want to be relevant and successful.”

Kamen’s talk focused on education – specifically how US kids are falling behind significantly in math and science.… more

BIF-2 Wednesday

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Day 1 at BIF-2

So, the drill is each “storyteller” gets 15 minutes on stage to present what they are most passionate about as it relates to innovation. Some use PowerPoint slides and others do not. The setting is the cozy and gorgeous Trinity Rep drama theatre in downtown Providence. With the exception of some lingering audio problems all morning and rather crusty (or is it just weary?) introductions from Wednesday’s host Richard Saul Wurman BIF-2 has been both interesting and inspiring. Here’s who said what…

The first speaker of the day was Alexander Tsiaris of Anatomical Travelogue, a company that creates, catalogues and presents high-end visualizations of the human body.… more


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I’m off on the road to Rhode Island. Providence, to be exact. For the next couple days I have the privilege of attending Business Innovation Factory‘s 2nd annual Collaborative Innovation Summit (or BIF-2), a convergence of executives and organizational leaders from both the public and private sectors sharing their stories and exploring the who, what, and how of business model innovation. The co-hosts are WSJ columnist Walt Mossberg and TED founder Richard Saul Wurman, and speakers include inventors, authors, dancers, VPs, entrepreneurs, scientists – you name it. Should be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to it!

As part of the event’s “blogjam“, I will be posting dispatches from the event itself.… more

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