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Welcome to the new Creative Generalist.

This is the CG’s third and largest redesign – a full overhaul – since starting up back in spring of 2002. The goal is for this site to become more of a hub for generalist ideas, activities, and resources.

But for now, please excuse the mess as we sort things and move in to the new home.… more

Generalists Unite!

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By their very nature generalists tend not to congregate. Our interests are so many and so varied that it’s almost counter-intuitive to try to gather us around a common theme. But it is indeed possible and this site will prove it.

When I started this blog, Creative Generalist, in April 2002 I did so really just to bookmark websites and quotes that I found to be personally interesting. It was just my own solo link list, and having just quit my job and moved to Montreal (on a whim) I had a little free time to wander around – literally and digitally – and post such dispatches.… more


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Well, it’s certainly been a while since my last post. Yikes.

I used to hold to a pretty steady and disciplined regimen of about three posts a week – even long after that new blog smell faded away. But I’ve slowed over the last year – obviously – for, I suppose, a variety of fairly typical reasons: blog fatigue, Twitter distraction (@shardy12), info overload, very busy and engaging day job, little time to tap out anything worth reading (like now), and even some (happy) recognition that the generalist mantra which I felt was so under-represented several years ago is alive, well, and thriving widely these days.… more

Happy Festivus

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(via Savage Chickens)

Thanks for yet another great curious and creative year. Season’s greetings from Creative Generalist!… more

Busy Signal

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I tend to shy away from blogging about my personal adventures, but seeing as my posts here have been few and far between lately I guess I probably should offer an excuse.

I’ve been busy. Busy settling in at a new job. Just over a month ago I left my Creative Producer position at Airborne Entertainment, where for the past three years I brand-managed mobile projects for Family Guy, Maxim, and others, to join robotic toy and consumer electronics creator WowWee as their new online-focused Director of Marketing. The WowWee team is sharp and pioneering, and I’m excited to be a part of it.… more

The Age of Conversation 2

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Last year Gavin Heaton and Drew McLennan released a new and interesting book, The Age of Conversation. It was an experimental project featuring 100 voices — mostly marketing types from all pockets of the biz and blogosphere, including Roger von Oech, Gareth Kay, David Armano, and Andy Nulman — writing on the importance of debate and discussion. All proceeds go to charity. It’s received lots of net buzz and is enjoying Amazon bestseller status.

Here’s its promotional description:

If ideas are the currency of our times then this is, undoubtedly, the Age of Conversation, for without the art of dialog, the cut and thrust of debate and discussion, then the economy of ideas would implode under its own heavy weight.more


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Well, here it is folks. A little bit anti-climatic but a milestone nevertheless. This is my one-thousandth post to Creative Generalist.

It took me 1578 days, or roughly four and a half years, to get here. I know, other bloggers have gotten here faster – some much faster – but still I’m a little amazed that I’ve clicked “Publish Post” quadruple-digit times. Gotta say – it feels pretty damn good.

I’ve counseled several friends who have decided to join the so-called blogosphere. My number one piece of advice is always to keep at it. Be passionate about it and be disciplined with it.… more

Welcome to Creative Generalist

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Welcome to Creative Generalist. This blog is just getting started but will hopefully become a great source and collection of divergent creative thinking. While specialization in all fields has become standard, I believe that a generalist’s role is becoming even more important in figuring it all out. Nowhere is this more apparent than in creative endeavours, where the best ideas are products of a wide, often unusual mix of thoughts, disciplines, cultures and inspirations. A generalist is one who sees the big picture and make the connections that lead to new and interesting discussion. So, that said, I hope to make regular posts as well as posts from other creative generalists.… more

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Welcome to the new Creative Generalist.

This is the CG’s third and largest redesign – a full overhaul – since starting up back in spring...