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No Respect for Marketing

Posted on July 27th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany. No Comments

An excellent Ad Age article by Al Reis on the often misunderstood key difference between marketing and advertising, and why GM doesn’t get it.

I think he’s wrong. Advertising at GM is not broken. Marketing is.

Marketing’s job is to coordinate all the various disciplines inside a corporation in order to develop the right product, the right price, the right position, the right distribution strategy and the right brand name.

Advertising’s job is to position that brand name in the minds of consumers.

Good marketing makes advertising relatively easy. Bad marketing makes advertising difficult, if not impossible.

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The World Is Just Awesome

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A great new ad for Discovery Channel:

Boom-dee-ada, boom-dee-ada, boom-dee-ada, boom-dee-ada…

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What’s Next in Marketing + Advertising

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The slides below are from a presentation, What’s Next in Marketing + Advertising, delivered last week by Paul Isakson. An absolutely brilliant synopsis of just how profoundly marketing has changed — in light of shifts in product design, the huge influence of social media, the movement to content as currency, and the increased value placed on engagement and utility — in a fairly short period of time. Pass it around. … Paul is a Senior Strategic Planner at Minneapolis-based brand agency space150 and the “What’s Next?” theme is from a monthly lunch they hold to exchange ideas and thoughts, to inspire insight.… more

Creative Generalist Q&A: Alan Wiggan

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One never knows how you’ll come to meet new people. A decade ago, when I was attending university, my father returned from a business trip with the card of a gentleman he’d sat next to on his flight. I was studying for a career in marketing and advertising and the man on the plane – one Alan Wiggan – just so happended to run the top agency in the city. Lucky me! That chance encounter opened the door for an informational interview, a sage industry advisor to consult with on class projects, a recommendation that helped me get my first full-time job after graduating, an incredibly generous mentor in business, and a really cool guy just to chat with about life.more

Creative Generalist Q&A: Russell Davies

Posted on October 17th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Interviews, the eclectic curiosity interviews. No Comments

Russell Davies likes breakfast, so much so in fact that he wrote a book about it (eggsbaconchipsandbeans). That alone makes Russell a fascinating man with good taste but it only begins to scratch the surface. Visitors to–or any of his other eclectic interest sites, ranging from creative spaces and 10,000 bands to in defense of the ordinary and a good place for a cup of tea and a think–are witness to his keen observational eye, brilliant insight, and good humour. Davies was a planner for nine years at the elite advertising agency wieden + kennedy before joining Nike last year as its Global Planning Director.more

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