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From the display tables to the “Guru Bar”, it’s hard not to page through the leaked Powerpoint describing design plans for Microsoft’s retail stores as highly imitative of Apple Stores.

Now, check out this excellent Adult Education (“a useless lecture series”) talk by Gaylord Fields called “Yeah Yeah … Uh, No: Exploring the Audiovisual Phenomenon of Beatles-Lookalike Long Playing Albums”.

O Love

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Last month when in Vegas for CES I took the opportunity to catch a couple of Cirque du Soleil’s permanent shows, Love and O. One disappointed and one amazed.

As a Beatles fan I’d been dying to see Love ever since its launch. I heard good reviews from friends and quite enjoyed the soundtrack – blended mixes of the classic tunes re-produced by Sir George Martin and his son Giles. Staged at an impressive venue within The Mirage, it was clear that Love was designed to overwhelm. Beatles + Vegas + Cirque… everything about it is big. And, from watching a making-of documentary about it, there were clearly some big egos and big expectations involved as well.… more

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