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Work in the Conceptual Age

Posted on September 6th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany. No Comments

The three paragraphs on this page at gigaom offer a variety of links leading to some great posts touching on various aspects of generalism and work. As the intro lines state: “‘Big-picture thinking and inventiveness are going to be the key to professional success in a new “conceptual age.’ In a series of posts over at WebWorkerDaily, Imran Ali has been musing on the type of work that we might be doing in the future, the skills that will be required, and the type of teams we might be working in.” (Hat tip to augustdiva!)

Separate but related – work in the conceptual age – is this TED Talk by Dan Pink.… more


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Some reflections on dilettantism, job searching, organizations, and personal branding, among other things, from the Unrepentant Generalist

One other interesting development during this job search was my realization that I have become more comfortable with my personal brand as a generalist. I can admit to myself that I am better at thinking across disciplines and considering the big picture than I am at specializing and making sure all the details are right, instead of trying to be good at everything. …

The really brilliant people, the deep thinkers, are the ones who are able to identify useful separations between the general and the specific.… more

Job Tags

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I like to see this sort of thing… a job posting specifically tagged for Creative Generalists.… more

Busy Signal

Posted on June 4th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany, Updates. No Comments

I tend to shy away from blogging about my personal adventures, but seeing as my posts here have been few and far between lately I guess I probably should offer an excuse.

I’ve been busy. Busy settling in at a new job. Just over a month ago I left my Creative Producer position at Airborne Entertainment, where for the past three years I brand-managed mobile projects for Family Guy, Maxim, and others, to join robotic toy and consumer electronics creator WowWee as their new online-focused Director of Marketing. The WowWee team is sharp and pioneering, and I’m excited to be a part of it.… more

Rock the Tesseract

Posted on May 7th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany. No Comments

Two of life’s most common questions are “What are you going to do when you grow up?” and “What do you do for a Job?”. New Zealander Jason Kemp answers, “I’m a polychronic creative generalist (and divergent thinking maven). Creative generalists rock the tesseract!” Click here to see what he means by that.… more

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

Posted on April 28th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany. No Comments

I read Dan Pink’s latest book The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need cover-to-cover in less than 37 minutes. It’s no A Whole New Mind or Free Agent Nation but then again it’s no typical career advice book either. Working with illustrator Rob Ten Pas, Pink harnesses the kinetic, if sometimes ridiculous, energy of manga to drive home five sensible lessons for achieving a successful and happy career:
1. There is no plan.
2. Think strengths, not weaknesses
3. It’s not about you
4. Persistence trumps talent
5. Make excellent mistakes
6. Leave an imprint

It’s a perfect book for high schoolers trying to figure out how to pursue their skills and passions.… more

Generalists Wanted

Posted on April 10th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany. No Comments

Generalists not wanted here – Larry Borsato at The Industry Standard writes about how “…in the Web 2.0 world we live in, where new products and APIs are introduced seemingly every other week, specialization loses its allure.”

(Thanks Garrick)… more

Creative Generalist Q&A: Alan Wiggan

Posted on November 7th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Interviews, the eclectic curiosity interviews. No Comments

One never knows how you’ll come to meet new people. A decade ago, when I was attending university, my father returned from a business trip with the card of a gentleman he’d sat next to on his flight. I was studying for a career in marketing and advertising and the man on the plane – one Alan Wiggan – just so happended to run the top agency in the city. Lucky me! That chance encounter opened the door for an informational interview, a sage industry advisor to consult with on class projects, a recommendation that helped me get my first full-time job after graduating, an incredibly generous mentor in business, and a really cool guy just to chat with about life.more

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