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Rip! A Remix Manifesto

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The remixers manifesto:
1. Culture always builds on the past.
2. The past always tries to control the future.
3. Our Future is becoming less free.
4. To build free societies, you must limit control of the past.

This manifesto forms the thesis of the excellent new documentary called Rip! Rip! is about the battles raging between copyright and copyleft; between the creators, publishers, protectors, and remixers of culture. Following the mash-up musician Girl Talk, the film is itself a provocative mash-up of numerous copyrighted songs and images. And, true to form, it is partially available online with an explicit invitation to remix the whole damn thing (see Open Source Cinema).… more

IDEO Eyes Open

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Dubbed a “field guide for the curious,” the IDEO Eyes Open series of projects – city guides, urban tours, and an online collection of stories – focuses on the significance of spaces in our lives. Their aim is to draw inspiration from culture and communities and the experiences they create, while chronicling emergent ideas by tying them to concrete experience. All to connect inspiration with insight. A very smart outside-in approach and endeavour for the revered innovation consultancy.… more

Creative Generalist Q&A: Daniel Fraser

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Smiling Albino is a very special cultural adventure travel company based in Bangkok, Thailand. It was founded several years ago in 2543 (on the Thai calendar) by a couple incredible young canucks, Scott Coates and Daniel Fraser, and it has thrived delivering its original blend of unusual, intimate, inspiring, and all-out fun journeys around the remarkable Kingdom – and now Cambodia and Nepal too. As far as trip planners and guides go, these guys are tops. I had the privilege to work with Dan many years ago. He is truly a man of many talents: adman, model, consultant, athlete, tastetester, speaker, intellectual, emcee, and even feature film movie star.more

Creative Generalist Q&A: Terry Rock

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In the last several years, the western Canadian city of Calgary has surged to become one of the most dynamic, fastest growing, and wealthiest young cities in North America. It’s where I attended university and worked for a couple years before moving east to Montreal, where I felt urban living and the arts were more universally embraced and supported. But much is changing back in Cowtown and part of the positive change and optimism is due to the presense of a passionate generalist – a rogue intellect – located in a modest office one block west of city hall. As President and CEO of Calgary Arts Development, Dr.more

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