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Creative Generalists on Myers-Briggs

Posted on June 11th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany. No Comments

Noel, a member of “The Society of Creative Generalists” Facebook group, mailed me recently to ask:
“I am curious to know what the prevalent type is among Creative Generalists on the Myers-Briggs… maybe a poll. I have a premise that there will be certain traits that are more common than others.”

I’m curious too. A discussion thread has been started here if you’d care to share your M-B personality type and see if any patterns emerge. He’s ENFJ. I’m INTJ. Which one are you?more

Generalists Wanted

Posted on April 10th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany. No Comments

Generalists not wanted here – Larry Borsato at The Industry Standard writes about how “…in the Web 2.0 world we live in, where new products and APIs are introduced seemingly every other week, specialization loses its allure.”

(Thanks Garrick)… more

Generalism v. Specialism

Posted on March 13th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany. No Comments

Mark McGuinness, a London-based business coach and the caretaker of one of my favourite creativity blogs, Wishful Thinking, has just posted a delightfully well-rounded synopsis of the generalism-specialism debate (if one can indeed call it a debate – I most definitely see the value of both sides and have always advocated a more complementary connection between the two). His post is partially in response to my recent post, What Specifically Do Generalists Do?, which he pits/balances against a post last summer in which ad copywriter Scamp opines that creative generalism is “godless, anti-capitalist, and contrary to all good sense” (alas, my feeds seem to have failed me and I’m embarrassed to say that I missed Scamp’s fun rant at the time – I’ll belatedly respond to it soon).… more

What Specifically Do Generalists Do?

Posted on February 4th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Interviews, Perspectives. 3 comments

Creative Generalists are changing our world of ideas in a very big way.

Almost six years ago I humbly planted a stake in the ground and began this weblog, Creative Generalist. The blog was and continues to be about generalism and generalists, those so-called dabbling dilettantes of knowledge; those curious of everything, but experts at nothing. I myself am a proud Creative Generalist and through my blog I’ve discovered that there are many, many others like me who share the same wide-ranging tendencies and healthy skepticism of unchecked or misguided specialization.

Nothing can substitute for depth of analysis, and there’s proven value in specialization – it’s what education, career paths, scientific research, and technological innovation are built on – but generalism is a secret talent.… more

Welcome to Creative Generalist

Posted on April 24th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany, Updates. No Comments

Welcome to Creative Generalist. This blog is just getting started but will hopefully become a great source and collection of divergent creative thinking. While specialization in all fields has become standard, I believe that a generalist’s role is becoming even more important in figuring it all out. Nowhere is this more apparent than in creative endeavours, where the best ideas are products of a wide, often unusual mix of thoughts, disciplines, cultures and inspirations. A generalist is one who sees the big picture and make the connections that lead to new and interesting discussion. So, that said, I hope to make regular posts as well as posts from other creative generalists.… more

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